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Hello I am Jenga James and I am going to teach you how to build a starter house in Minecraft! I will add new stuff every once in a while so today I am going to show you how to make a house in Minecraft! First you will need 3 stacks ofwood and a stack of coblestone. Then some block for the roof. You will have to gather alot of stuff for this to work. you will also have to dig out a flour. Then you will have to make a frame out of whatever block you have. Then you will have to fill it in with whatever wood you have on you. Then you will be with abox so what you are going to do is ad a roof befor you do anything else quickly sheer two or three sheep for a bed. Now finish it off so you can decorate it and add a door or two by James McEleney.

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Chapter 1
So you know the Minecraft annual game master books? Well if you don't then if you want try getting the minecraft 20/21 Just get it cuz why not. Another tip is you should test your builds on a superflat world before you build them in your survival world cuz if you go straight into it could turn out wrong. If you want to learn how to make circles if you want to know how to make a circle in minecraft then copy the picture